Regina Public Schools - iGoogle Apps Project    

Student Portal called iGO - 


Each iGO Account comes with:
  1. GMail
  2. Calendar
  3. 25 GB Storage
  4. Documents
  5. Spreadsheets
  6. Powerpoints
  7. Web pages
  8. Email 
  9. Personal Start page
  10. Google Chat
  11. Mobile Apps (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)

"3 Rules of i"

Here at RPS, we are starting implementation of our own new GoogleApps platform we call iGO.  Initially, we hope to supply all our students with their very own iGO account.  With this account, not only do they get their own gmail account branded to our school division, but a whole suite of Google Apps they can use and collaborate with from anywhere on the planet. Teachers, as well, qualify to have an iGo account.  This further simplifies how teachers and students can communicate and share.

Start Page (

iGO allows a student to create their own start page with Google "widgets" that enable easy access to all the Google Apps listed below. 
They can also add other widgets for weather, blogs, quotes of the day, etc. There is a myriad of widgets kids can use to personalize their start page.

GMail (

A fully functional email account that can be used for all school related communications.

Calendar (

The Calendar allows students to keep track of important (and maybe not-so-important) dates and events. 

Not only can they share their calendar with others, but they can incorporate other calendars into their own.

Docs (

Using the Docs app, students can create documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and even their own web pages. 

The app is fully interoperable in that students can import and export files in all the popular formats (Word, OpenDocument, PDF, RTF, Excel, etc).  All of these can be shared allowing any number of collaborating combinations. 

Anything they save here can also be published to their webspace to be viewable just by them, just by other iGO accounts, or by the world - they decide.

Sites (

Make websites easily with Google's widgets and web interface.  You can have multiple sites  or just one site - how you or your students organize their web pages is very flexible. Group pages together into one site or make multilpe sites - they decide.  

Sites can be made private, shared with individuals or completely public.Shared sites and/or pages can be worked on simultaneously by multiple people.


This Google Chat system allows students to open chats with any other RPS iGO user.  

The widget in their start page only allows for text chat, but if they have the Google Talk program they will be able to use voice and transfer files.

Please NOTE:

All iGO traffic is logged and can be recreated at any stage.  There is a "smoking gun" if abuses are identified.

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