"3 Rules of i" - iGO, iSchool, and the Internet

Keeping it Simple

1. "You" are You 

Do not give out your password to anyone other than your parents.

If you find out someone else's password - don't use it and tell them so they can change it.

A good habit to get into that helps keep your password secret is to always SIGN OUT before you leave or return the computer you are working on.

subrule: "They" are NOT You
If you use someone else's content, credit them with it.
No Credit = Plagiarism = Theft = a Crime

2. Think before you Click

Make the "Good" choice.

The Internet is all about choices. When presented with a choice, think about it - is this "Good"  or is this "Bad"?

3. Your School Rules

Any rule you follow in school must be followed on the Internet. 

Example 1: You don't give your phone number or address  to strangers that drive by your school - so, don't do it online either.

Example 2: Bullying, gossip and  bad behavior aren't allowed in your school or on the playground.  Guess what?  It's not allowed here either!

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3 Simple Rules of how to use the Internet for school. 

Promoting independence with cooperation and the responsibilities that go along with it.

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